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Search Ranking Area / Region Median List Prices Total Listings Median Age of Inventory
Current Month Previous Month United States $199,000 7.57% -0.25% 1,905,064 -1.51% -0.71% 94 -11.32% 1.08%
1 1 Chicago, IL $204,500 16.86% -1.21% 59,236 -7.00% -2.94% 89 -19.09% 5.95%
2 2 Dallas, TX $219,900 10.50% 0.41% 15,418 -12.68% -3.08% 63 -18.18% 6.78%
3 3 Detroit, MI $129,900 44.33% -2.33% 16,509 -15.00% 2.48% 52 -18.75% 8.33%
5 5 Philadelphia, PA-NJ(PA) $219,900 0.64% -0.04% 26,573 -4.56% -0.29% 101 -8.18% 1.00%
6 7 Atlanta, GA $179,900 8.62% -0.61% 37,106 17.99% -1.01% 80 -5.88% 3.90%
7 6 Boston-Wrcstr-Lwrnce-Lowll-Brcktn, MA-NH(MA) $345,000 7.81% -1.15% 21,125 -11.50% 2.09% 69 -18.82% 4.55%
8 8 Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL $169,500 16.98% -0.24% 19,732 10.89% 4.58% 79 -17.71% 0.00%
9 10 Fort Lauderdale, FL $189,900 11.78% -1.35% 13,141 -6.57% 8.49% 65 -30.85% 1.56%
10 9 Orlando, FL $189,900 18.76% 0.00% 12,557 17.84% 5.38% 72 -11.11% 4.35%


Top Architecture Trends For 2014


New home construction has seen consistent growth in the last three years and sales of new homes are expected to increase by about 16 percent, or  580,000 homes, in 2014, according to Kiplinger’s Economic Outlooks. And as more homes are built, new architecture trends will begin to appear — slowly.

“Building is not an industry where big changes happen really fast,” said Amy Albert, editor of Custom Home Online. ”Things happen over time.”

Still, Albert named five home-design elements she expects to see more often in 2014:

1. Tranquility

More homeowners are seeing their homes as a place to get away from it all and relax, especially in certain rooms — particularly the bathroom. “The spa bathroom is really big as a result of more people traveling to nice hotels,”  Albert said. In 2014, we’re likely to see bathrooms with walk-in showers, roomy bathtubs and tranquil designs become a big trend for homeowners.


2. Mission Control

In the past the kitchen was often built at the back of the house, attached to the garage, and away from high traffic areas, but that tradition is changing. In 2014 we’ll see the kitchen as the focal point of the house, often placed in the center of an open floor plan, especially as more homeowners start to use their kitchen space as a multitasking room, or as Albert calls it, “mission control.” By having the kitchen centered and open, parents can help children with homework, talk or pay bills — all while making meals.

3. Traditional Design

While “midcentury modern design is thriving” and will continue to do so in 2014, more homeowners are looking at traditional home styles, Albert said. For example, Craftsman homes with large porches, front columns and detailed gables will make a comeback in 2014. Queen Anne-style homes with asymmetrical facades and detailed gables may also see a resurgence. However, attention to detail will be important as homeowners look for exact replicas of the original styles.


4. Passive Homes

More U.S.-based architects are expected to include passive-house elements in their 2014 designs. Originally a European design, a passive house is built to work with the climate. For example, its roof may be pitched to make use of wind power, or it could have large windows installed to attract sunlight that heats the home. A passive-house design can slash energy consumption by up to 90 percent, according to Passive House Institute U.S.

5. Flex Rooms

Between the recession and the growing number of senior citizens in the United States, more households are becoming multigenerational. That change is leading to a developing trend in home building – flex rooms. Typically bedrooms, flex rooms are designed to give more privacy to larger families and usually include a separate space such as a reading area or study off the main bedroom area. These rooms may also be built with a change in mind. “Many flex spaces include a private entrance, which could later become a rental unit,” Albert said.


Luxury Home Technology Trends for 2013

At this year’s annual Computer Electronics Show, tons of amazing electronics for the home were debuted. Many of these new electronics are now being touted as some of the big must-have trends for luxury homes in 2013. 

Home automation is a major trend for 2013, with televisions that control everything from your home’s heating and cooling to its security and lighting. This new technology also has put smartphones on a bit of a power trip themselves, as the market now has a flood of apps that enable you to control home security, unlock doors, conserve energy and tinker with lighting. There are even apps that can provide a digital estimate of your home’s energy consumption and costs.

This year, we’ll surely see the continued trend in luxury homes toward discovering new ways to better optimize the energy efficiency of the home. Homes built with energy- efficient materials, such as foam insulation and on-site renewable energy, are already a staple of many homebuilders. However, this year that practice is expected to move into energy-efficient automation systems.

Now on the market are energy-efficient home automation systems, such as lighting control systems that can be tied into your HVAC system or window treatments. These systems allow you to program them to automatically adjust based on outdoor lighting, time of day or indoor temperature. These added features in a custom-built home with energy-efficient materials make a huge impact on the overall energy efficiency and potential cost savings.

Looking for a way to make your indoor air even cleaner? The newest technology for central air systems now incorporates vacuums for cleaner air and improved noise reduction to boot. This is a great new option for anyone with indoor allergies.

Trending technology will also be found in custom home kitchens in 2013. High-end appliances, such as ovens with visuals of the food you’re cooking and step-by-step instructions on how to precisely cook any meal via a touchscreen pad, will make creating exquisite meals even easier.

Incorporating these great new technology trends into your energy-efficient luxury custom home will increase the cost-saving opportunities and make life even easier for homeowners.

Marcus McCue | SVP & CMO Guardian Mortgage Company